Senior Spotlights!!

Erin Grundy


Erin Grundy has made her mark here at Immaculate Heart Academy through her dedication to the arts and academia.

Her presence on stage and on screen has played a huge role in Erin’s time here at IHA.  She has been a part of every musical since her freshman year and is involved with ITS, Song and Spirit, the Spring Drama, and WIHA. Of these activities, WIHA has played a particularly important role in shaping Erin today as she explained, “I have made some of my best friends and learned about a whole other field I never knew existed.” WIHA moderator, Mrs. Mongelli, spoke about what an asset Erin has been to WIHA saying, “She is so detail-oriented, and so driven to do well that she makes a teacher’s life easy.” This dedication and ambition Mrs. Mongelli spoke about seems to be synonymous with Erin.

This dedication is proven through Erin’s positions as President of ITS, Vice President of WIHA, Treasurer of the National Honor Society, and Production Editor of ORB.  Erin also manages to place just as much importance on her schoolwork as she does on her extracurricular activities explaining, “I believe you are at your smartest when you have a wide range of knowledge in a variety of subjects.”   Erin’s drive is going to come in handy for her as she joins Bucknell University next fall as a Biochemistry major.

The advice Erin leaves for underclassmen who are still finding their way through IHA is “try something that you have never done before and are not sure if you will like it,” which seemed to work for Erin herself! While looking back on her four years here at IHA Erin reflects, “Amidst the piles of papers and tests and labs and quizzes, I really excelled at the things I was good at. Being involved in the clubs that I am gave me the opportunity to take charge and explore on my own a little bit.  While I learned a lot, I also gained confidence in myself and who I am as a person.”  Bucknell is lucky to have you!  Congratulations!

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