Senior Spotlights!!

Maria Economou


If you were to ask anyone at school which senior truly embodies the IHA spirit, Maria Economou would undoubtedly come up in conversation.  Her talents, determination and overall work ethic come together to dignify her as the perfect ‘IHA Girl.”

When Maria entered the school as a freshman, she had no problem jumping into any activity, which is probably the reason that some of her friends describe her as their “Greek outgoing friend.”  She soon joined the Culture Club, Voices, Tri-M, and Song and Spirit, which she is still involved with today.

With Maria’s unbelievable instrumental, singing and dancing abilities there is no wonder she has been named the Tri-M president for senior year.  Her favorite instruments to play are the piano and violin, and her favorite type of dance is belly dancing.  Maria has been belly dancing for about six years and even aspires to dance competitively some time in the future.  She said that “Music is where I can hide my shyness and dancing is where I am more outgoing.”  Ms. Payne, IHA’s music teacher, said that Maria is her “go to gal” whenever she needs help, and that “she is a very talented, kind, and generous student!”

Yet, Maria is not only enjoys performing on stage, she is also a huge part of the Students Against Modern Slavery Club (SAMS) and the National Honors Society. Maria says she is “all about making a difference” and “I feel as though I can make a positive change in the world by being a part of a powerful club that stands up against human trafficking.”  She wants to continue to work with different organizations to help those involved with trafficking to cope with their tragic experiences even after graduation.

In addition to her extra-curricular achievements, she was named the National Honors Society president during her senior year after joining the society during her junior year.  Maria truly excels in the areas of academics, service, character and leadership.

After graduating from Immaculate Heart Academy Maria will not stop challenging herself.  She plans on attending William Paterson University to participate in a five-year accelerated Speech Language Pathology Program.  This incredible program will lead her on to work as a speech pathologist and, her dreams do not end there.  After receiving her college degree she wants to then study again to earn her PHD in Audiology.

With her last few days at IHA winding down, Maria took some time to reflect on her fours years here.  She described her high school experience at IHA as amazing, and she could not imagine receiving an education like this anywhere else.  She also said, “Even though I will miss IHA, I love change and I can’t wait for college. I won’t be too far so I’m looking forward to visiting next year.”

All us of here at Immaculate Heart Academy wish Maria all the best in college and her future!

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