Category: Senior Spotlights!!

Fiona Ralph

    Over the course of her IHA career, Fiona Ralph has thrived both in and outside of the classroom. She was a member of the STEM program and played on the […]

Adrianna Oliver

    Over the past four years, Adrianna Oliver has not only made IHA her home, but she has become the perfect example of a true IHA girl. She has become the […]

Mary Moskowitz

     Mary Moskowitz brings her remarkable enthusiasm to every activity in which she engages. Not only has she been a member of the IHA Swim Team for all four years of […]

Emily Koehne

    In her four years at IHA, Emily Koehne has found her passion: combining STEM and public speaking! As a member of the STEM program, she has supplemented her education with […]

Rebecca Jarrett

    Rebecca Jarrett is truly ending her IHA career with many accomplishments. Rebecca is the epitome of what it means to be an IHA girl. She is well-rounded, dedicated to helping […]

Morgan Honor

     Morgan Honor is the textbook definition of a leader. Throughout her years at IHA, Morgan has been an active member of Mock Trial, heartTV, Model UN, Peer Mentors, CARE, Christian […]

Emily Hernandez

    Emily Hernandez has made a lasting impact on the IHA community since her first day of freshman year, and it is bittersweet to watch her graduate.     Besides being an outstanding […]

Madeleine Fogarty

    If there is anyone who has left a mark on the IHA community, STUCO president Madeleine Fogarty has. In her four years as a Blue Eagle, Maddie has truly helped […]

Heather Farrell

   Heather Farrell finds a way to balance STEM curriculum, Accents responsibilities, and countless service hours with humility and grace. Because of her outstanding work academics and achievements, she will be acting […]

Julia Bertussi

    Julia Bertussi is truly leaving a legacy behind her as she graduates from IHA. Julia has proven to be a diligent, caring, and compassionate person who constantly works for the […]