Senior Spotlights!!

Alexi Mendolia


If you’ve walked into the main office lately, you will have noticed Alexi Mendolia’s impressive acceptance letter from the United States Naval Academy; a testimony to this IHA senior’s hard work, discipline and compassion.

These skills are apparent in everything she has accomplished here at IHA.  Alexi is a dedicated runner and has been an active member of the cross country and track teams every season she has been at IHA.  Her teammates and friends describe her as a team player, someone who is truly hard-working and selfless.  She carries this giving nature into her volunteerism as a member of the Christian Service Board.  She has spent a lot of time volunteering with individuals with autism and has found it a particularly rewarding experience.

She also outperforms many academically.  On top of her AP classes, she is the English Department Coordinator of NHS and President of the National French Honor Society, and did we mention, one of Accents’ section editors.  There really is nothing this girl can’t do!

Next year she will be attending the US Naval Academy, with hopes of majoring in Cyber Operations. She is excited to attend because she thinks “the academy will be a really great place for me to mix my love of US history, and of math and science.”

As her high school career draws to a close, Alexi reflects that “For as much as IHA has been an academic struggle, I would not change my choice of high school in any respect. I’ve been challenged here, and have ultimately changed so much from who I was in middle school. Here, I was encouraged to engage myself in science and math. Here, I wasn’t afraid to be a “nerd.” For as hard as IHA has been, I don’t think I would have ended up at the Naval Academy had I not gone here.”

Alexi, thank you for inspiring us with your unwavering determination, we will miss you!  Good luck at your next academy!

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