Senior Spotlights!!

Katherine Koch

Inquisitive, sarcastic, and humble are three words that accurately describe IHA senior Katherine Koch. Throughout her four years at IHA, Katherine has grown tremendously as an expert witness in Mock Trial, a member in NHS and Tri-M, and an overall scholar.

Through her “Gatsby-like ability to hope,” as her friends like to say, Katherine is passionate in every class and activity that she has participated in at IHA. Her involvement in Mock Trial, with the support of Mr. Mathews and Ms. Rich, has helped expand her legal knowledge and has assured her that law is a career she wants to pursue. She says that Mock trial, “is my refuge in the storm, my safe haven where I can be myself and learn while doing what I love.” Although Katherine claims her favorite class is AP Calculus, she couldn’t help but mention her love for other classes she had, mentioning several other AP courses. While she took several strenuous courses, that never stopped her enthusiasm and her passion inside and outside the classroom. She is always keeping a positive outlook in all situations and values integrity when it comes to others and herself.

“Is it worth it?” is a question that sums up her experience at IHA.  For a while, Katherine doubted her decision to be the go-getter and overachiever, but she feels that all of her hard work finally paid off once she received her college acceptance. “I think we all need to question,” she says, “It’s part of developing an identity that we are prepared to defend before others.” IHA has built Katherine to be the motivated, individual thinker that she is today.

Katherine is attending Columbia University in the fall, double majoring in Psychology and Mathematics with a Minor/Concentration in Spanish. Referring to her future Katherine says, “I am motivated by dreams for my future, but I try to appreciate each fleeting moment as it comes and goes.”

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