Simona Riccardi

In her four years at IHA, Simona Riccardi has found her niche! She can be easily recognized by every student for her work in videography, from the morning news show to video […]

Lily Polster

Class of 2017 valedictorian Lily Polster embodies all the characteristics associated with an IHA girl. She is compassionate, diligent, studious, and athletic, just to name a few. Before coming to IHA, Park […]

Catherine O’Toole

Catherine “Katie” O’Toole has proven herself to be a leader during her time at IHA. During her four years, she built a well-rounded resume, taking on leadership roles in many major clubs. […]

Victoria Lubas

IHA senior Victoria Lubas has definitely taken advantage of every opportunity IHA has to offer. Over her four years at IHA, she dedicated herself to a plethora of extracurricular activities, including Accents, […]

Danielle LaTesta

She can write! She can dance! She can help you with both! You guessed it: IHA senior Danielle LaTesta is an all around exemplary IHA girl and is constantly striving to better […]

Christine Jacob

When one thinks of an “IHA girl,” academics, athletics, service and leadership often come to mind, and senior Christine Jacob has been able to excel in all of these fields. Christine is […]

Kimberly Caccamo

Have you ever met a Renaissance woman? Well, if anyone fits the role, it is certainly Kim Caccamo! Not only is Kim a model student and athlete, but she is a leader […]

Milena Bozovic

Milena Bozovic has made an impact on everyone she has met at IHA since freshman year, and it is bittersweet to watch such a treasured part of the community move on from the […]

Emily Bermudez

You may have seen Emily Bermudez running a Christian Service Board meeting, midnight running, or running a cross country race, but you will never see Emily run out of compassion in all […]