Category: Senior Spotlights!!

Alexi Mendolia

If you’ve walked into the main office lately, you will have noticed Alexi Mendolia’s impressive acceptance letter from the United States Naval Academy; a testimony to this IHA senior’s hard work, discipline […]

Katherine Koch

Inquisitive, sarcastic, and humble are three words that accurately describe IHA senior Katherine Koch. Throughout her four years at IHA, Katherine has grown tremendously as an expert witness in Mock Trial, a […]

Kristina Mertz

Intelligent, hardworking, kind and determined are only a few words out of many that describe Kristina Mertz, a graduating IHA senior who has left an outstanding imprint on IHA. At IHA, Kristina’s […]

Erin Ahearn

Erin Ahearn, a senior at IHA, is the epitome of an IHA girl. Described by her friends as honest, tenacious, and hard-working, she is extremely well-rounded and has played a major role […]

Maria Economou

If you were to ask anyone at school which senior truly embodies the IHA spirit, Maria Economou would undoubtedly come up in conversation.  Her talents, determination and overall work ethic come together […]