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Regine Thimothee

A valued member of the IHA community, Regine Thimothee, has truly made IHA a better place during her four years as a Blue Eagle. Her classmates and teachers admire her enthusiasm and […]

Isabella Somera

Isabella “Issa” Somera has been a valued member of the IHA community who will be greatly missed! Since the day she took her first steps in the halls, she has walked toward […]

Julia Scherer

Julia Scherer is the epitome of an IHA girl: a role model of service, character, and merit. Julia can always been seen with a smile on her face and constantly goes out […]

Simona Riccardi

In her four years at IHA, Simona Riccardi has found her niche! She can be easily recognized by every student for her work in videography, from the morning news show to video […]

Lily Polster

Class of 2017 valedictorian Lily Polster embodies all the characteristics associated with an IHA girl. She is compassionate, diligent, studious, and athletic, just to name a few. Before coming to IHA, Park […]

Catherine O’Toole

Catherine “Katie” O’Toole has proven herself to be a leader during her time at IHA. During her four years, she built a well-rounded resume, taking on leadership roles in many major clubs. […]