Category: News@the Heart

Meghan McGuire

Over the past four years, Meghan McGuire’20 has been the epitome of a diligent and multitalented IHA girl. As a member of the STEM program, she demonstrated hard work inside the classroom […]

Hannahmia Lauricella

During the last four years, Hannahmia Lauricella’20 was determined to make her mark on IHA with a hard-working and humble attitude. As an active member of the IHA community, Hannahmia participated in […]

Ava Poulin

If there is anyone who has made an impact on IHA, it’s Student Council president, Ava Poulin’20. Ava has exhibited true leadership over the past four years and has helped our school […]

Amanda Molloy

If you know Amanda Molloy’20, you know she is the face of service at IHA. She has made a lasting impact on the program and acts as a true role model for […]

Olivia Costello

The list of accomplishments made by Olivia Costello’20 is seemingly endless. Through her commitment to academics, athletics, and service, Olivia has proven what it means to be a true IHA girl. Academically, […]

Yoona Kim

Why fly when you can soar? Yoona Kim’20 is a student who embodies this regularly used IHA motto. Besides being academically and athletically gifted, Yoona serves as an example for all IHA […]