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Elsie Fest 2017

Elsie Fest is back again for its third year. This year, Elvis Duran of Z100, is hosting the renowned event in New York City’s SummerStage in Central Park. Headliners for the huge […]

The Unicorn Frappuccino

Even though unicorns are not real, Starbucks’ new drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino, has the country unicorn obsessed. The drink was released as limited edition item on Starbucks’ menu from April 19th until […]

Juniors Had a Blast at Prom

Ahh. Junior Prom. After weeks of online shopping during last period history, mental breakdowns during locker break about bringing that ~special someone~ (and asking them just right!), and the days of preparing […]

25 Days of Christmas is Back!

With Christmas quickly approaching, Freeform has released their “25 Days of Christmas” schedule for the 2016 Christmas season. The network has previously changed its name from “ABC Family” to “Freeform”, but luckily […]