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How-to: Summer Reading

You finish your last final, the bell rings, and finally—it’s summer! The sun is shining and you feel great, and you push the thoughts of school assignments until the last week of […]

New Jersey Blue Laws

Bergen County residents making Sunday plans can count on one thing: the mall is not an option. Bergen County is one of the last in the United States to enforce “blue laws,” […]

The Unicorn Frappuccino

Even though unicorns are not real, Starbucks’ new drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino, has the country unicorn obsessed. The drink was released as limited edition item on Starbucks’ menu from April 19th until […]

Juniors Had a Blast at Prom

Ahh. Junior Prom. After weeks of online shopping during last period history, mental breakdowns during locker break about bringing that ~special someone~ (and asking them just right!), and the days of preparing […]