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Freshmen Day of Sisterhood 2022

As almost everyone in the world can tell you, starting high school is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences a young person can go through. On September 7, 2022, slightly upwards of 200 girls woke up feeling a mixed bag of anxiety, excitement, and apprehension. I would know, being one of them. The 50-minute commute from my house to IHA was probably one of the longest car rides of my life (okay, maybe not, but it sure felt like it.) Despite my fear, seeing the Eagle Ambassadors waving colorful signs and beckoning to the Class of 2026 with wide grins somehow made me feel better. They wished each of us an amazing first day, and I could feel their joy was genuine. That was when I knew it would be all right.

Photo courtesy of Mike Hamlett and Tara Hopfenspirger

Initially, all of the new freshmen were ushered into the cafeteria and presented with a reassuring speech by Mrs. Shutrop. We also couldn’t help but be excited about the bagels and assorted breakfast goodies offered to us. My favorite part of the day was writing letters to ourselves that we’d get to open as seniors. After this, we were split into three large groups and rotated through three activities (in the cafeteria, PAC, and gym.) 

In the PAC, there was a panel discussion with a few members of the faculty and staff where they explained the occasion when they had experienced the sisterhood at IHA for the first time. They also kindly answered any questions we had. They were open and honest and really showed us how immediately welcomed even teachers feel at this school.

The cafeteria hosted another stage of our first day of school. This was figuring out what we wanted as our class mission statement. We were split into smaller groups, which worked as a little icebreaker of sorts. Each little group supplied a few slogans that they thought exemplified the message IHA spreads, and the best of the best were voted on. 

The remaining stage was held in the gym, where a few seniors and alumni spoke about their most embarrassing moment at IHA and how their colleagues supported them through it. That section really spoke to many of us because it reassured us that someone will always have our backs. 

The whole day was a really positive and promising experience. It was the perfect way to start at a new school without having to stress about meeting your teachers or getting to your classes on time. Personally, it confirmed that I chose the right school and my four years at IHA would be full of fun and positivity. 

By Alexandra Sosa’26 Staff Writer

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