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Lea Michele Stars in “Funny Girl”

Famed “Glee” star and notorious drama queen, Lea Michele, hits the Broadway stage once again in “Funny Girl.” Michele takes the role hot off the trail of Beanie Feldstein’s quick exit from the show. Some even have speculated that Michele could have bullied Feldstein off the stage. Although Michele does have a past of being a bully on set or with other actors, there isn’t proof of bullying within the show other than the endless gossip that billows off of stars like Michele.

Lea Michele Records 'Funny Girl' Cast Album - Variety
Lea Michele as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl (Image sourced from

While not often popular with others in Hollywood, the former Rachel Berry has undeniable talent. Everyone who has seen, reviewed or even just watched clips off the internet (okay… me, sorry, I don’t have the money for a broadway ticket) agrees that Michele lights up the stage with her starlight. Between her ability to belt as if her life depended on it and her impeccable imitation of the iconic Barbara Streisand (the original “Funny Girl”), there is no doubt Michele was born for this role. Lea Michele gives the classic show new glamor and intrigue with her performances. “Funny Girl” is about Fanny’s will to succeed, and if there is one thing the world knows about Lea Michele, it’s that she will do just about anything to succeed. She is driven and sometimes quite ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, but this is exactly the kind of spirit “Funny Girl” needs to brighten up the stage and help the character come alive.

Most will agree that Michele has done an impeccable job with the character of Fanny Brice and continues to shine, despite people’s dislike for her. I think we can all take a lesson from Lea Michele’s book; you don’t need people to like you to shine at what you’re born to do!

By Alex Gallager’23 Photography Editor