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Album Review: Meet Taylor at Midnight

Following the storm of her MTV Video Music Award for the “All Too Well” short film, Taylor Swift used her speech time to announce her new album Midnights. The album was released on October 21st, 2022, following much anticipation and promotion. Many fans were initially disappointed by the album, complaining that it was too far off Swift’s last two albums, Folklore, and Evermore, which have a much more folksy and alternative tune. However, the album fits fantastically Swift’s pop-influenced background and meshes well with her other albums, specifically Lover and Speak Now

The album is described as 13 sleepless nights throughout Swift’s career as a musician. Some songs sound like she wrote them during Reputation, some sound like they stemmed from her younger, fresh pop years, and some sound like she wrote them just yesterday. Midnights was produced by Jack Antonoff, as are many other of the star’s albums, and features excellent pop hits like “Anti-Hero,” more melancholic and somber songs like “Snow on the Beach” featuring backup vocals done by Lana Del Rey, and electric based pop songs like “Karma.” Additionally, 3 hours after its midnight release, Swift announced a deluxe version, called the 3 am Version, where she released an additional seven songs. Once again, Swift proves that she cannot disappoint in the music industry and is a skilled tradesman at her craft.


The new album’s first track is “Lavender Haze,” a feathery light beat with a hidden EDM vibe, where she opens with the phrase “Meet me at midnight.” The track acts as a welcoming message and starts off listeners with the sound of the album: light, charming, and with a strong beat. As the album progresses, Swift’s sound becomes mature, with hard-hitting lyrics and modern production. She knows exactly what she wants to sound like and makes it happen, which makes Midnights sound so great and so like her. She sings “Question…?” about new relationships and immaturity, “Bejeweled” about youth and its implications, and ends with “Mastermind,” a song about the strategy that love often requires. 

Taylor Swift’s Midnights proves that she knows her audience, what they want, and what to do with her music. She turns feelings into emotions, emotions into lyrics, and spins those lyrics into beautifully written songs. The album has broken record after record, including the most significant streaming week for a female artist. However, October 21st went for music fans, and it is obvious they spent it listening to Midnights

By: Erin Erturan’23 Local and World News Editor