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Album of the Month: Hozier by Hozier

Accents’ October Album of the Month is Irish indie-rock artist Hozier’s debut album Hozier (2014). The album itself was anxiously anticipated following the critical acclaim of the single “Take Me to Church,” released a year prior. It flows with metaphors comparing love and religion, using powerful symbolism to suggest anti-establishment sentiments. The album is a faultless blend of profound, tenderhearted lyrics that read like psalms. Hozier masters soft yet vibrant electric guitar riffs with authentic introspection. Concepts of love, loss, and acceptance of the self are explored and embellished. With this, Hozier renders itself the perfect autumn listen. 

A personal favorite is “From Eden”. This song encapsulates the delicate yet specific diction that Hozier is most notably talented for. In “From Eden,” Hozier makes Biblical allusions to express his adoration and connection for his love. He considers himself unworthy of said love, like a slithering serpent that ventured from the Garden of Eden. Despite this imbalance, he exemplifies that they may still be together as a result of the familiarity felt between the two “like my mirror, years ago”. 

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Another personal favorite is “Like Real People Do”. Hozier uses the song to prove the true simplicity of love. He knows his lover as a completely different entity from his own self, but acknowledges that they are just two people in love, so it need not be complicated. They just have to put themselves into their relationship to love one another “like real people do”. He worries that his lover may actually be an angel or something out of this world, writing “I will not ask you where you came from”. He does not need to know because it does not matter to him, as long as he can love them.

Autumn is clearly defined by its smooth, clean feelings, where somber and melancholy emotions breeze by like wind on the shoulder. Hozier’s self-titled album gives off the feeling of being loved, held, and seen in the freezing cold. Its timelessness and effortless feel make it the perfect October album for many and make it the all-encapsulating season tune. 

By: Erin Erturan’23 Local and World News Editor and Norah Homa’23 Features Editor