IHA’s Accents Presents: Christmas Wishlist Ideas

The Christmas season is upon us everyone, and I am sure your relatives have already asked for your Christmas list. If you are like me, you completely forget every single item you ever wanted.

Here is a list of Christmas wish items to give you some ideas to put on your list!


If you’re anything like me, you end up wearing the same pair of shoes almost every day of the year. Three shoe essentials that I recommend would be air forces, Doc Martens, and converse. These shoes can be simple or bold, and one of them will end up matching every outfit. 

Glossier Products

If you’re into makeup, but makeup that isn’t too heavy on the skin, I recommend glossier. Their products glide on and leave your face with a dewy glow. One of my favorite products from them is their blush called cloud paint. They also have great little bundles, if you’re a beginner or just want to test out a few products. 

Tote Bags

If you’re not really a purse person, but you have too much to carry when you go out, a tote bag is a perfect option for you. Tote bags can be extremely plain and simple or fun and colorful.  If you’re into painting, you can even ask for a plain one that you can paint and design yourself

Merch From Your Favorite Music Artist

Almost every musician has some sort of merchandise that they are selling. If you want to show your support and let people know who your favorites are, consider asking for a sweatshirt or t-shirt with some of your favorite lyrics. 

Phone Printer or Camera

If you want to decorate your room with pictures of you and your friends, getting a printer, like the Kodak wireless mini printer, is the perfect gift to ask for. With these, you can take any photo from your phone and print it on small photo paper. If these are a little too expensive for your taste, try getting a small digital camera that takes vintage photographs. If you still want a camera that prints a polaroid is a nice option. 

Accessories for your laptop

To make doing homework less boring try spicing up the accessories on your computer. Ask for a new case and stickers. You can even try getting a Bluetooth keyboard that might make typing essays a little easier. 

Record Player and albums

Ask for a cute vintage record player and some of your favorite albums to go with it. They are not only super fun to listen to music on, but also can look super cute as room decor

Hair accessories

Claw clips are an essential hair accessory. Ask for a bunch of different colors to match your outfits. I know I love having clips when I want to pin back my bangs. Headbands are super helpful to spice up a  boring outfit. 

Sunset Lamp

Instead of the LED TikTok lights, try a sunset lamp. They are affordable, look super pretty, and give your room a warm aura

Flare leggings

If you love wearing leggings, I recommend asking for a pair of flared leggings. They are super comfy and super flattering. They also can make any outfit look stylish, even though you are only wearing leggings. I have one pair, and I rarely wear my regular ones. I am definitely asking for a couple more in different colors. 

I hope this list helps and if it doesn’t, just ask for a gift card to your favorite store!

Olivia Morrison’23

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