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Teacher Interview: Mr. Opremcak Celebrates Mole Day

Saturday, October 23 was a seemingly ordinary day; but for Mr. Opremcak and his chemistry students, it was a holiday to celebrate! October 23 is Mole Day – a day recognizing the quantity of the mole, which is 6.02 x 1023 (hence 10/23). Over the years, Mr. O has been gifted with various mole-related goods including shirts, a blanket, and more. To celebrate Mole Day 2021, Mr. O was interviewed about his appreciation for the holiday:

Q: Why is mole day special for you?

A: Why is it special for me? It adds more fun to the study of chemistry. It makes it even more exciting than chemistry is by itself!

Q: Any mole day traditions?

A: Interesting. Um, well I used to, when I was in public school, take my AP students out for breakfast. They had to arrive by 6:02 AM, but if they didn’t arrive by then, I wouldn’t pay for them.

Q: Favorite piece of mole day memorabilia?

A: Probably the newest one, the “stop molking sense” shirt.

Q: Most extreme dedication to moles? 

A: Yeah my dogs, Molly and Molly 2. (Mr. O named his dogs after the molecule.)

Q: How did you feel about the Rickrolling on HeartTV this morning?

A: It was… it was just disrespectful. *Laughing*

Q: How are you going to celebrate mole day this year?

A: I’m going to win a county group cross country championship.

Q: What kind of an impact do you think mole day has made on the IHA community?

A: I think the girls are into it once they understand why chemistry is important. It’s more fun, and what’s the point of coming to school if it’s not fun?

Katherine Deane ’23

Photographed by Katherine Deane ’23

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