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Best Performing S&P Stocks for February 2021

2021 has been an odd year for the Stock Market, following the “Robinhood” drama on January 27th. If you asked the most educated economists, I do not think they could have even predicted a group of Reddit users turning obsolete stocks into a money pot. I never thought one of my biggest regrets would be not investing money in Blockbuster! 

All jokes aside, many stocks have been performing exceptionally well in February of 2021. Some S&P stocks have even recorded a price-performance above 30% so far. 

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The Five Best Include:

  1. ViacomCBS Inc. (VIAC): 40.45% price increase
  2. Discovery Inc. (DISCA): 39.98% price increase
  3. Discovery Inc. (DISCK): 33.64% price increase
  4. CarMax Inc. (KMX): 23.77% price increase
  5. General Motors Co. (GM): 23.70% price increase

One thing you may have noticed is that “Discovery Inc.” is listed twice on the list, except with two different ticker symbols (DISCA vs. DISCK) and market price performances. While both are stocks for Discovery and have no economic value differences, DISCA shares are considered “Series A” stocks while DISCK shares are considered “Series C.” If Discovery were to go bankrupt and have to liquidate their assets, the Series A investors would get paid before the Series C investors, making it a more sought after stock. 

The stock market can be very confusing; believe me, I am no teenage day-trader! However, the market can be an excellent way to make a profit if done safely and legally. 

By: Julia Marotti’21, Co-Executive Editor-in-Chief 

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