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ZAYN Starts off 2021 With “Nobody Is Listening”

ZAYN took fans by surprise on January 8th, when he released his previously awaited single, “Vibez,” while also announcing a new album that would debut the next week, January 15th. After not releasing music for three years, ZAYN’s music was highly anticipated by fans. Many thought he would not release a third album, with Mind of Mine (2017) and Icarus Falls (2018) turning two and three years old the past year. Nobody is Listening has already debuted 44th on the charts, and fans have made their support clear.

This album took a more R&B influenced pop vibe, and even had a bit of rap involved. ZAYN starts off the album with “Calamity,” where he raps and speaks with a soft tune in the background. The next track is “Better,” a single released in September, and the first song to start off the new phase. It has a clear R&B tune and guitar melody, flowing well with the album’s overall sound. “Outside,” the next track, is a perfect parallel to his song “iTs yOu” from his first album back in 2017. A soft song that features his astounding vocals and high notes. Following that track is “Vibez,” his second single, which has the same feel as “Better.” The whole album is 11 songs and approximately 36 minutes, and he concludes the album with “River Road.”  It is a melancholic, reflective love song, which perfectly completes the overall sound. 

This album is arguably his best to date, and ZAYN has said he has already begun recording his fourth album, which we might be able to expect later this year. After being away from music for three years, he is definitely proving himself in the industry. His R&B take on pop is a perfect addition to his versatile vocal range, making this album perfect for those who appreciate his voice.

By: Erin Ertuan’23, Staff Writer