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5 Instagrammable and Delicious Food Spots

Here are some great restaurants/food spots that are perfect places to get an insta pic (or just a delicious snack!)

1.Mochinut in Fort Lee

I’ve been seeing these donuts all over instagram lately and they are getting great reviews. Not only do they look delicious, but they also taste great too. Mochinut has traditional flavors of donuts (like oreo and chocolate), but also more unique flavors (like matcha, yuzu, black sesame, and taro). Definitely check this place out

Levain Bakery cookies, credit to Sweetest Menu on Pinterest.

2. Levain Bakery NYC

If you want a delicious cookie I highly recommend this bakery in NYC. There’s really not much more to say because I think this picture of their extremely chocolatey cookie says it all

3. O’bagel Hoboken

If you love bagels like me, you need to try this bagel shop in Hoboken. Different from almost any other bagel place around, O’bagel is home to NJ’s biggest bagel and their website states they have “bagels you have to see to believe .” With their variety of bagels and sandwiches, this place is perfect for breakfast or lunch

Credits to Eater NY.

4. Malibu Farm NYC

If you want a very instagrammable and tasty lunch, you should definitely stop at Malibu Farm NYC. Just like it’s California counterpart, Malibu Farm serves local and fresh foods in a relaxed atmosphere. Not only is the food good, but also perfect for pictures. (Personal recommendation: Try the burger, I haven’t stopped craving it since I went to LA two summers ago.

5. Gilligan’s NYC

You might want to save this place for the summer (considering it has really nice outdoor dining), but I just had to recommend it now. With it’s pretty atmosphere and delicious food, it’s perfect for dining and pictures. This place has such a tropical ambiance, you almost forget you are in the city. This restaurant is 100% worth a try!

By: Olivia Landolfi’21, Opinions Editor