Initial Actions of Newly Inaugurated President Joe Biden

Joe Biden has made a number of decisions as President of the United States in his first few weeks. A list of some of his major actions from NBC below…


Executive order rejoining the Paris Agreement 

Executive order to cancel Keystone XL permit

Executive order to combat climate change


Executive order for racial equity

Executive order banning discrimination for sexual orientation or gender identity

Executive order reversing transgender ban in military


Reversing US ban of refugees from 7 majorly Muslim countries

Executive order to revise immigration policies

Executive order to include undocumented immigrants in census

Proclamation to stop funds to the wall

Memorandum augmenting DACA


Executive order to create Covid-19 response coordinator

Executive order requiring masks on federal property

Executive order requiring ethics pledge for government workers

Executive order stalling federal student loan payments

By: Katherine Conway’ 21, World and Local News Editor

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