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Grammy Nominations 2021: Winners and Losers

The 2021 Grammys have caused a massive amount of controversy. While many artists have been nominated righteously in their categories, some were “snubbed” of nominations in their respective categories. 

Grammys Nominations 2021 credits to

Beyoncé leads all of the appointees with a total of nine nominations. Following her are Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Roddy Rich, with six nominations each. Taylor Swift’s newest album, Folklore, has won her many nominations. The album was released on July 23rd with no promotion and has made history with her fantastic songwriting. Dua Lipa’s song “Say So” has gotten her many nominations this year, as the song was a hit most of 2019 and 2020. Harry Styles has also made history, earning three nominations for the first time in his career. His song “Adore You” was nominated for Best Music Video, “Watermelon Sugar” was nominated for Pop Solo Performance, and his second album, Fine Line, was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album. Megan Thee Stallion also got her first-ever nominations for Best Record, New Artist, Rap Song, and Rap performance.

The Weeknd took to Instagram to express how he was robbed of a nomination. His song “Blinding Lights” has been on the Billboard Charts for every week of 2020 and rightfully deserved a Grammy nomination. Niall Horan’s album Heartbreak Weather was an overall masterpiece, and Horan was not afraid to take to Twitter about his feelings. He said, “I’ll make the music, and it’s ok if they decide it’s not Grammy worthy this year. I’ll try my best, and hopefully it happens next time or another year”. His very mature response was not overlooked, many responding that he, along with many others, were “snubbed” of rightfully deserved nominations.

Erin Erturan’23 Staff Writer