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The Bachelorette is Back

This past Tuesday, “The Bachelorette” premiered. Like all ABC Bachelor shows, there is always drama. Here’s everything you missed!

  • The show started with an explanation of the COVID precautions being followed. All of the 31 men who entered the mansion quarantined before meeting Claire Crawley, the bachelorette, wanting to ~safely~ find love. They are also not living in the iconic Bachelor Mansion this year, but instead a luxurious estate in Palm Springs.
  • By tradition, men extravagantly show up to impress Claire, because who does not want to win the first impression rose. Some people showed up in metal armor. One bachelor, Eazy, jumped through a wall that had “future husband” written on it. Unfortunately, he did not win the impression rose, but he did receive a rose during the ceremony!
  • Here’s where the drama starts!!! Blake Moynes, the Canadian heartthrob, talked to Claire before the show began, which is “illegal” according to Bachelor rules. Instead of being upset, she appreciated that he reached out to her because she struggled during quarantine. She even kissed him. Thus, everyone thought Blake would get the first impression rose, but instead, it went to football player Dale Moss. When Claire met Dale, she said that she “just met her husband.” SPOILER ALERT: according to Reality Steve, Claire ends up leaving with Dale mid-season because she “has already found love.” This will cause drama between her and the boys. Tayshia, former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant, will end up taking her spot, but who knows if the predictions are correct. 
  • Tyler C accused Yosef of talking and flirting with other girls on Instagram during quarantine, to the point where Claire had to involve herself in the situation. It was rather heated between Tyler C and Yosef, but Claire did not believe Tyler and took Yosef’s side. This “beef” resulted in Tyler C not getting a rose and going home. 
  • Per usual, boys complained about not getting enough one on one time and how other boys were taking up too much of Claire’s personal time. 
  • AJ, Chris, Jeremy, Jordan, Mike, Robby, Page, and Tyler were all sent home, leaving 25 boys at the pad!

Julia Whitney ‘21 Arts and Entertainment Editor