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Dunkin Donuts New Additions

Dunkin Donuts is transitioning to its fall menu, as they are adding delicious seasonal items, but also surprising their customers with some new exciting arrivals. When you think of fall, the first flavor that comes to mind is Pumpkin. Dunkin has brought back the beloved Pumpkin Swirl in which you can add to your favorite coffee, cold brew, frozen coffee, espresso, or latte. For those who aren’t necessarily coffee drinkers, Dunkin has also added the Hot or Iced Chai Tea Latte. 

In the food category, Dunkin has brought back both the apple cider and pumpkin donut. The maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich has also made a resurgence to the menu. It consists of 5 pieces of the sweet maple sugar bacon, an egg, and white cheddar cheese, all placed on a delicate croissant. Dunkin has also unveiled the bagel minis that are stuffed with cream cheese. When ordering this new arrival, you have the option to order a plain bagel or an everything bagel. 

In addition to all of the returns and seasonal arrivals, Dunkin has permanently added Oat Milk to their menu. The plant-based milk is a great option for someone who is looking for a creamy milk but has lactose intolerance, or a nut allergy. It is also a healthier option, as it has limited saturated fats. 

Dunkin Donuts has appealed to the TikTok Community by adding one of their famous influencer’s drink to the menu. “The Charli” is inspired by Charli D’Amelio, and the drink is a medium Iced Cold Brew with 3 Caramel Swirls and Whole Milk. Charli’s older fans have loved supporting her by consistently ordering her strongly-caffeinated drink. 

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I couldn’t write a whole Dunkin article without giving the readers a few suggestions. If you want to order the new Oat Milk in your iced coffee, it pairs great with the French Vanilla or Caramel Swirl. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and creamy in your morning coffee. Additionally, if you are interested in getting the pumpkin swirl, it also pairs great with the Caramel Swirl. It tastes like fall in a cup, and can be taken hot or iced. Lastly, the new Chai Tea Latte pairs nicely with a creamier milk such as Whole Milk or Oat Milk. Enjoy your drinks!!

By: Brooke Marotti’21, Co-Executive Editor-in-Chief

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