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Big Sister Little Sister Day

During the week of October 6th, IHA students celebrated Big Sister Little Sister day, but in a different way than usual. Traditionally, girls meet up in person for two large celebrations consisting of food, trivia, board games, and karaoke. This year, however, festivities looked a little different.

Due to restrictions from the pandemic, girls were forced to utilize virtual platforms to replace the typical traditions of locker decorating and gift exchanges. Students sent creative eCards to one another with personalized messages. Gift cards were also exchanged between big and little sisters, the most popular being from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Lush. Some girls even decorated the door of their sister’s house if they lived in the same neighborhood.

A few Seniors took their little sisters out to a socially distanced lunch and others set up meetings. When asked what she thought of the zoom meet-up, Katherine Deane ‘23 said, “I was definitely upset at the fact that I couldn’t see my big sister in person, but I still thoroughly enjoyed Big Sister Little Sister day this year. I got to know my big sister better and received great advice that will help me through the coming years of high school.”

This year, Big Sister Little Sister Day was especially important for the Freshmen. Acclimating to high school is hard enough under normal circumstances, and safety procedures have made it more difficult than ever to adapt. Thankfully, this mentoring program teaches the underclassmen the ropes of IHA, and the Juniors were happy to help the freshmen adjust. After being asked to share her opinion of her first Big Sister Little Sister day, Adrianna Uykan’24 commented, “I thought that the Big/Little Sister Day was extremely fun, even though we held it virtually. My big sister was incredibly sweet, and my “twin” sister was super awesome as well… I even came back to school the next day with an amazing present in my locker from my big sister, Jenna.” 

It was heartwarming to see the lengths juniors took to welcome the freshman into the IHA sisterhood. Overall, Big Sister Little Sister was another success, regardless of the difficult circumstances.

Lauren Grae’23 Staff Writer

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