Delphine Böel Earns Title as Belgian Princess

Delphine Böel, the secret biological daughter of Belgian King Albert II, now has earned the “Princess” official title. Prior to her hearing with the Brussels Court of Appeal, Delphine was denied this official title and other royal privileges. 

In 2013, the 52-year old Delphine opened up a case against her biological father. Several years later in 2018, the Brussels Court of Appeal got on board with Delphine and ordered that King Albert take a DNA test. Initially, Albert wanted no part with the scientific evidence, but after the Court offered to give him a 5,000 euro fine for every day he did not take the test, he agreed.

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After years of legal battles following the results, today Delphine Böel is a Princess of Belgium. Before her royal title, Delphine was an artist from a small municipality in Brussels’ outskirts. 

Although she is 15th in line to the throne, this is still a significant accomplishment, as Delphine will receive the same rights as her father’s other three biological children.

Julia Marotti’21, Co-Executive Editor-in-Chief

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