Pandemic Raises ICE Custody Death Rate to It’s Highest Since 2005

According to a CNN article, this past fiscal year has seen the highest number of deaths in ICE detention centers since 2005, at a total of 21. 

The cause of 8 of the 21 deaths has been the coronavirus, and there have been over 6,100 confirmed COVID cases in ICE facilities since the pandemic began. ICE has attempted to reduce their facility populations, and have decreased the number from 50,165 to 19,791 people, but those efforts haven’t been able to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Photo courtesy of CNN.

Additional causes of death in the ICE centers related to the other 13 deaths are, according to CNN, poor conditions and inadequate medical care. Immigrants rights advocates point out that the mental and emotional health of the detainees is affected by the harsh conditions as well. 

The highest percent of deaths has been localized to the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia, where 3 detainees have died in the past year. According to CNN, advocates contend that this center “raises a lot of alarms” and the state of Stewart Detention Center is a public health issue. 

Katherine Conway ‘21, Local and World News Editor

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