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Meghan McGuire

Over the past four years, Meghan McGuire’20 has been the epitome of a diligent and multitalented IHA girl. As a member of the STEM program, she demonstrated hard work inside the classroom and succeeded in rigorous Honors and AP courses. Outside the classroom, Meghan could be found leading and dedicating her time to many different clubs and activities. She can certainly look back on her four years at IHA and feel accomplished, taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way.

Meghan has accomplished a lot in the last four years, but some of her most rewarding moments were being elected as tutor coordinator for the National Honor Society and the secretary of Mu Alpha Theta, the Math Honor Society. Meghan was also chosen to be a member of the Science National Honor Society and earned a Soaring Eagle Award in Technology her
freshman year.

Not only has she been a member of numerous clubs, but Meghan has also been a leader within these extracurricular activities. During her time at IHA, she found a home at IHA’s own TV studio. “Meg has been a huge asset to WIHA,” Ms. Shaheen shared. “She comes into the studio early every morning with a smile and an excellent attitude. Meg is reliable, friendly, and confident in her skills. She is warm and welcoming, patient and kind, and all the underclassmen have learned so much from her. She has a rigorous academic schedule, but she always makes time for WIHA. I always know everything will run smoothly in the studio when Meg is around.”

Meghan has also served as the co-president of Writer’s Guild and the president of Animal Club. She participated as an Eagle Ambassador, and a member of both the Science Olympiad and Math League. Meghan did not wait until her senior year to be a leader; her skills have been developing and flourishing since she stepped foot on campus. Meghan also played on the J.V. Softball team from her freshman year to junior year.

Outside of IHA, Meghan’s hardworking nature is just as evident. She involves herself in activities she is passionate about and knows she will enjoy. Meghan loves to read, so she got a job at the public library in her town. Meghan also adores animals, so she works a second job working at Breakneck Hill Farm where she takes care of five ponies and two dogs. Meghan will dive deeper into her love for animals at North Carolina State University where she will be studying animal science. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to go to veterinary school. 

One of Meghan’s favorite memories was her last Halloween at IHA. Meghan and her friends dressed up as inflatable versions of the aliens from Toy Story, which was the senior class theme. Meghan is going to miss sitting around the lunch table with her friends eating Cater To You’s delicious buffalo chicken sandwiches.

Mr. Millard remarked on Meghan’s outstanding work ethic. “Meghan is a hard worker who got the most out of her academics,” he said. “I knew she was serious about class and it made me sure I was on my A game every day so that I would live up to her expectations. She is someone who is not afraid to speak up for what she thinks is right. I enjoyed having her in my class, especially when I could make her laugh.” 

Meghan, the IHA community is going to miss you. We wish you the best of luck at NC State!

By: Ellie DePhillips’21, Staff Writer