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Ava Poulin

If there is anyone who has made an impact on IHA, it’s Student Council president, Ava Poulin’20. Ava has exhibited true leadership over the past four years and has helped our school to become the close-knit community that we know.

To say Ava has been involved in a variety of activities is truly an understatement. Since her freshman year, Ava has held several positions within STUCO. She was a cabinet member and the junior class event planner in the 2018-2019 school year. This year, she held the executive position of the student body president. Ava also explored her interest in law as a member of the Mock Trial team for three years. In addition, she was a member of the Fashion Club for three years and a member of the French Club for all four years at IHA. Ava also demonstrated what it means to be a leader through her involvement in Peer Mentors and as a Giving Day Ambassador.

Outside of IHA, Ava has loved to give back to the community through service. She has amassed more than 700 hours of community service in only four years! Ava’s favorite service opportunity was when she spent a month in Thailand working at an elephant conservation. Her dedication and selflessness have led her to receive two Gold President’s Volunteer Service Awards.

One of Ava’s favorite classes was Speech with Mr. Bernardi. She loved Mr. Bernardi’s passion in the classroom and his caring energy shown toward his students. When asked about class with Ava, Mr. Bernardi stated, “When Ava gave her first speech as a sophomore in my Speech class, I was immediately struck by how genuine she came across while speaking. In the years that followed, her sincerity and compassion were always evident whenever she addressed the student body as class president. Ava truly cares about everyone in the IHA community, and this is one of the things that I admire about her most.” Ava also loved working with her Mock Trial moderator, Miss Carroll. When talking about Ava, Miss Carroll stated, “Ava is the ultimate team player. She has many, many talents but is always willing to put them to the service of the team and community, rather than seek praise or adulation for herself. A great example is her dedicated leadership on the Mock Trial team. Ava joined the team as a sophomore and was always ready to do whatever the team needed, even if it meant taking a role that did not seem as flashy. There was nothing that Mrs. Fernandez or I could ask her that she wouldn’t joyfully do. She is incredibly mature and patient, and this makes her a tremendous leader.”

Ava will attend Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in the fall. She will major in business administration with a double minor in business law and ethics and fashion studies. She is also on a pre-law track, as she hopes to go to law school after college. Ava’s dream job is to be a corporate attorney. We wish Ava the best of luck at Fordham!

By: Brooke Marotti’21, Co-Junior Editor-in-Chief