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Spring Fashion 2020

With the spring solstice approaching, most people will be changing out their wardrobe from winter to spring/summer. Being teenagers, we naturally want to stay up with trends and I know I am constantly buying new clothes. Personally, I look at different magazines for outfit inspiration. However you find outfit inspiration, or even if you don’t, but you want to, exploring the new trends for the season is entertaining! I am here to help guide you because sometimes it can be overwhelming, and if your anything like me, you can be distracted in a second and never remember what you were looking for in the first place. 

First, we can start with tops. You can use them as a statement piece, or just use them to add a pop of color. Tie front shirts have been very popular lately, you can find them anywhere from American Eagle to Princess Polly to Urban Outfitters. This shirt likely will have puffed sleeves and fitted material around your torso. The tie will most likely be located near the top of the shirt bringing a cut in the top together. Or there are styles that have the shirt cut in half like it should button-up, but there are ties to pull it together. Of course, there are always simple crop tops ranging from “baby tees” to tank tops. Tank tops this year seem to have a square neckline with thin straps. Some stores call theses straps “bungee cord straps”. My persona

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l favorite is from the store Garage. They have the perfect crop top to pair under a jean jacket. One-shoulder tops have also been popular and you would be able to find them in almost any store. They will most often be styled tucked into high wasted mom jeans or ripped skinny jeans. 

That brings us to bottoms, whether they may be jeans or a mini skirt. Most popular to be paired with the tops described above, would be mom jeans. They have been increasingly popular, taken from the 80s and 90s fashion. They will come high waisted with a straight leg and depending on what you want, they can be ripped also. Levi’s is one of the most popular brands, as it markets to the vintage look. Something that will also be popular is tiered skirts. This is flowy with ruffles marking the different tiers of the fabric. This can be paired with a tight crop top. Mini skirts are also very popular. They are usually fitted to the body and come down to mid-thigh or a little higher. Hopefully, the weather will be warm enough to wear shorts this spring, it seems like we are headed in that direction. Mom shorts are just as popular as mom jeans and are usually high waisted, similar to mom jeans. Usually, these shorts have more patterns or colors that can be introduced on the denim. You will see different colors highlighting the pockets or the belt loops are your waists. 

Depending on the weather, a jacket would be needed. Denim jackets are always a staple for spring, as they provide warmth, but aren’t too heavy. We will see cropped versions of these jackets in various colors. Pinks and yellows are common to see. Blazers are also popular if you want to dress up your outfit. They are usually seen in black and white patterns and often times are an oversized fit. 

Shoes are a big part of your outfit. Not only are they necessary, but they can also add personality and bring the pieces of your outfit together. Booties are popular and can be used to dress up an outfit. Some of the newest ones you’ll find do not have a strap on the back and are slip-on. They can be open-toed or closed-toed with designs on the material. Strappy sandals or heels can be matched with a mini skirt or jeans to dress up a simple outfit. And lastly, chunky sneakers have become very popular. From platform sneakers to Fila dad shoes, they can be paired with any outfit. You can wear them with just about anything and they are common among most teenagers. 

Hopefully, this article gave you some inspiration for your new spring wardrobe. After the quarantine for coronavirus is over, go over to the mall and go buy some new favorite pieces of clothing!

By: Alex Gallagher ‘23, Staff Writer