Gift Suggestions for the Holiday Season (Ages 3-18)

Christmas is approaching, and the closer it gets, the more stressful it is to find gifts for your friends, partners, and family. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing how happy you made someone by getting him or her a good present. However, getting someone the perfect gift can be extremely difficult. In order to help combat the holiday season stress, here are some general gift ideas for your friends, family, or partner.

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Young Girls (ages 3-12)

Young girls are one of the hardest people to buy presents for, but it can be one of the easiest if you know what to do get and where to look. Most girls around this age get their clothes from Justice, a clothing store that appeals to this age group. Anything between clothes and age-friendly beauty products can be found at the store. Any girl under the age of 8 would also love a good toy, something to do with a show they watch or a piece of another set they already have.


  •     Clothes from Justice (or other brands the child likes)
  •     Bath bombs
  •     Tiny beauty products (lip gloss, chapstick, etc.)
  •     Toys from a show they watch or from another set they own
  •     Any type of accessory (i.e. a bracelet)
  •     Technology accessory (i.e. an iPad or iPhone case)


Young Boys (ages 3-12)

Young boys, similar to young girls, will appreciate a gift that can keep them busy. Anything from action figures and technology accessories to gaming devices can do just that. Toys that relate to their shows, previous sets, or games can be extremely pleasant for the little kid to open.


  •     Action figures/dolls
  •     Toys from other sets or shows
  •     New video game
  •     Gaming remote
  •     Technology accessories


Teenage Girls (ages 13-18)

At this age, girls are normally independent and trying to find who they are and what they like. Most girls, especially this season, love the idea of being cozy inside on Christmas. IHA student Brianna Washburn’23 said, “This year, all I really want is fuzzy socks, cozy sweatpants, and a sweatshirt so I can be cozy throughout winter break.”


  •     Fuzzy socks
  •     Sweatpants
  •     Sweatshirts
  •     Perfume
  •     Any other clothes they’ve been wanting
  •     Items they can use if they do a sport (i.e. a swimsuit if they are a swimmer)


Teenage Boys (ages 13-18)

Most boys at this age play video games, so get them something they can use for the game. Other boys, like girls, also love being comfortable and would love new sweats. Boys who play sports would also love new gear, something they can use for the sport they play.


  •     Sweatpants
  •     Sweatshirts
  •     PS4 or XBOX video games
  •     Game controllers
  •     Gear for the sports they play

By: Erin Erturan’23, Staff Writer


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