Does Christmas Come Too Early or Right on Time?

Christmas is Right on Time

      Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year! So why are so many people so eager to cut this season short? Many people say that Christmas should only be celebrated after Thanksgiving or in December, but that only leaves less than a month to celebrate and prepare. There are so many things to do during the Christmas season, and it is impossible to get it all done in less than a month. With all the school work and extracurriculars, it is hard as it is to even find any time for Christmas traditions you love. While some may say that starting to celebrate Christmas the day after Halloween is obsessive, what is there to lose? Christmas is known for spreading joy, love, and putting people in good spirits. It is only beneficial to make the most of the time you have to celebrate this season. Sure, some stores do start putting out Christmas ads and gifts too early, but they do this for every other holiday as well. You know that feeling of walking into a store in July and seeing pumpkins and ghost decorations scattered all over their shelves. People tend to forget to mention that stores do this for every holiday, and act like they only do it for Christmas. There are so many things to do during the Christmas season, that it would be hard to get bored of it and tired of the music in only two months. In addition, extending the Christmas season leaves people way less stressed right before the actual holiday. If Christmas gifts are available in stores right after Halloween, people will not have to rush to get them all at the last minute. Walking into a store the day after Halloween and hearing Christmas music makes you eager for the season ahead and puts you in a good mood. Think about the excitement you feel days before Christmas… You can feel that excitement starting even sooner. 

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Even if you are one to get sick of Christmas festivities easy, starting to celebrate Christmas early doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with it. Just a little Christmas music here and there is enough to remind you of the fun season ahead! As for me, Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to listen to Christmas music whenever I can during this holiday season. Finally, although many say Christmas is only about the spirit and music, it is important to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, which is the arrival of Jesus into the world. Giving yourself more time to prepare for this event is also very beneficial to you! So overall, the Christmas season does not start too early because it is truly the best time of year!

By: Olivia Landolfi’21

Christmas Comes Too Early

You walk into the mall to do some shopping. The sound of Christmas music bombards your ears, and the interior of the mall is decorated to look like a Winter Wonderland. The scenery is beautiful, but the only issue is that it is before Halloween…

     While I love Christmas and the Christmas season, I personally think it comes too early. In my opinion, an acceptable time for the Christmas season to start is the beginning of December, or at least after Thanksgiving. However, it seems like Christmas keeps coming earlier and earlier every year.  When Christmas begins early, other holidays tend to get overlooked. The appeal of Christmas overshadows Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and oftentimes Halloween. Instead of focusing on a holiday months from now, people should relish in the fun of Halloween, reflect on those brave enough to fight for our country and be thankful for everything they have in their life. Over the years, Christmas has transformed into a way of making money. Stores use a marketing technique known as “Christmas Creep” and start putting out decorations and Christmas themed products months before Christmas, in an attempt to extend the holiday season. This whole phenomenon not only prematurely commences the holiday season, but also convolutes the true spirit of Christmas by promoting consumerism. Instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, most people become focused on finding the best deals on gifts for their loved ones or planning out the perfect party. Additionally, extending the holiday season takes away from how special Christmas truly is. With Christmas starting in November or even earlier, I tend to get sick of Christmas music and festivities really quickly, as do many others. While I do enjoy Christmas music and curling up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, it is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. Christmas isn’t special anymore if the holiday season spans almost a quarter of the year; instead, Christmas activities should be concentrated in the month before Christmas. Furthermore, instead of being an enjoyable holiday, Christmas ends up being stressful for some. There is the pressure to host Christmas parties, attend Christmas parties, and purchase thoughtful gifts, amongst other factors not even related to Christmas. Christmas, however, should not be a stressful time; it should time devoted to spending with your family and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.

By: Anna Mullens’20, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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