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5 Restaurants in NYC You Need to Try

1. Jekyll and Hide

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Jekyll and Hide in NYC

 If you are ever bored one weekend in October and want to do something festive for Halloween, make sure you try this spooky spot. This haunted pub and bar is definitely a fun experience. Creepy special effects and live entertainment are all guaranteed while you enjoy your meal!

2. Pizza Beach

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Pizza Beach in NYC

This restaurant on the lower east side is such a fun dinner spot. This beachy restaurant opens at 5:00pm and serves the best pizzas. Some of their specialties include the Rockaway Pizza with Vodka Sauce and the Tulum with avocados and peppers. Make sure to stop by this California inspired location.

3. While We Were Young

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While We Were Young in NYC

This cozy, yet sophisticated restaurant is another perfect dinner place. It is known for its seasonally inspired drinks and delicious comfort food and is attached to the Hyatt Union Square. All should try to make an effort to stop by.

4. Laduree

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Laduree in NYC

This restaurant in SoHo has such a great atmosphere and is a picture-perfect spot. Known for its delicious baked goods and French-inspired setting, this place is just about always packed. If you go for brunch prepare to be overwhelmed by the number of delicious options for food!

5. Serendipity

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Serendipity 3 in NYC

Even though this is more of a dessert place, it is definitely worth a try. If you haven’t already heard of it, this restaurant is known for its amazing frozen hot chocolate and over the top sundaes and treats. If you try this whimsical and magical spot, you will not be disappointed.

By Olivia Landolfi’21


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