First Day of School: Through the Lens of an IHA Freshman

    For many schools all across the nation, including IHA, September 4th was the first day of school. It also happened to be my first day of freshman year. The first day of school can be extremely nerve-wracking, but this was my experience.

   Instantly, I was excited to discover the welcoming environment IHA has to offer. When I stepped out of the car, I was immediately greeted by a group of encouraging upperclassmen, who helped me walk into the building with confidence. In homeroom, I received my schedule and proceeded to meet with all of my teachers throughout the day. Every classroom environment from the onset was different, and I got to meet a lot of my new classmates too!

    With only the Freshmen class in attendance on the first day, locker break was an easy affair; thankfully, the line for cookies was short. Lunch was also surprisingly easy. I met new people at my lunch table and enjoyed a great meal. I left school that day feeling extremely comforted, and any worries that I had during the months leading up to school were quickly put to rest.

    However, the freshmen were not the only ones with first day nerves as a few teachers began their IHA journey in September as well. The new social studies teacher, Ms. Carleton, commented on her first day at IHA.

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Students engage in a class discussion Photo courtesy of study.com

“Like many of my students, I took a leap of faith coming to IHA. I had taught for 22 years in another state and had to start all over again. As hard as change is, I believe it’s important to never stop growing and challenging yourself to try new things. And so I’m grateful that I’ve landed in a place that has welcomed and supported me as I make this transition. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year here!”


   I share the same sentiment. I only knew a few people coming in, however, throughout these first few weeks I have met so many amazing girls. Though high school has definitely been an adjustment, I have been able to challenge myself, try new things, and reach out to new people.  At IHA, I am fortunate to feel that everyone here has my back and the teachers truly want me to succeed. Here’s to the next four great years!

By Johanna Murphy’ 23, Staff Writer

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