International Women’s Day Celebrated With a Theme of #BalanceforBetter

International Women’s Day is a time dedicated to all women everywhere. Its purpose is to celebrate the amazing contributions of women in society, to lift each other up, and to recognize the immense power in one another. IWD serves as a call to action in women to rise up and advocate for gender equality.

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The International Women’s Day symbol. Photo courtesy of Colleague Stories.

The first International Women’s Day, in the year 1911, was a culmination of efforts by women around the world who tirelessly advocated for their rights, and in extension, ours too. Today IWD is celebrated annually on March 8th, and while it is just one day a year, the efforts to make a difference in the lives of women are continued throughout the year.

This year’s theme for IWD is #BalanceforBetter. The focus is to create a gender-balanced society and foster an understanding of this idea in everyone, prompting them to desire and actively try to achieve it. The IWD website gives explanations for anything you want to know about women’s empowerment. They encapsulate the mantra of #BalanceforBetter as, “Everyone has a part to play – all the time, everywhere.” They continue by declaring that the goal is possible because now is the time that “the world expects balance,” and we are going to get it!

The 2019 IWD theme truly embodies any effort for equality because it makes the point that we are all equally important and we were all put on this earth for a reason. Maybe your call is to fight for women’s rights, or maybe it’s to dominate your field and inspire others to do the same. No matter what it is, do it with courage, confidence, and kindness. Be women of valor in the world for yourselves and others. Eshet Chayil!

By: Katherine Conway’21, Social Media Chair

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