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Saint Brigid Society Trip to CBS Studios

On Wednesday, January 23rd, St. Brigid Society Sophomores and Freshmen took a trip to CBS Studios in New York City. The trip enabled the students to see inside the life of a flourishing journalist. The girls also had the privilege to go “studio-hopping” with 60 minutes employee and IHA alumni Katie Kerbstat.

Throughout the day the girls met prominent people in the field of journalism including editors and even television broadcasters. One of the highlights of the day was when they met 60 minutes host Scott Pelley. Sophomore Anna Salewycz said, “It was so great seeing and meeting Scott in person especially when you have seen him on TV.” One of the things that stuck out to me was when I asked him, “most of his colleagues had Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Communications or is there a broad variety of them that started in a different field than found their niche”? His immediate response was not to focus too much on who has what degree and what university they attended. He said although he does hire many individuals from top-notch schools like Columbia University, the field of communications is much more than what prestigious school a person has a degree from.

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Employees at CBS Studios working hard on stories photo courtesy of

In addition to being introduced to the 60-minutes host, the girls were also offered an exclusive studio tour where they were able to watch the never-before-seen 60 minutes sizzle-reel. A sizzle reel is a highlight of the best 60 minutes episodes. There were clips from administrative interviews, global projects, and even moments in pop culture.

All in all,  the trip was very informative Sophomore Katherine Conway describes the event as, “an eye-opener to the field of journalism,’’ and she also mentions, “seeing the inner workings of a news agency was really awesome, and I got to see an accurate representation of the field’’.


By; Julia Marotti’21 Local/World News Editor

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