New Year, New Resolutions

As we cheered goodbye to 2018 with confetti and streamers and welcomed 2019, many of us made resolutions for the New Year. Whether that goal was to eat better, make honor roll, exercise more, or spend less time on social media, many of these resolutions will be ditched before January is over.

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A new start to new resolutions! Photo via wareable.com

Every year we tell ourselves, “This year is going to be different”; however, by February we are back to eating locker break cookies and doing homework in homeroom. But this year really will be different if you change your mindset. Try to set goals that are about self-improvement rather than self-criticism. Focusing on what society tells us is wrong is only going to make ourselves feel bad about ourselves when we inevitably fail.

In fact, we are more likely to feel good by the end of 2019 if we have achieved something completely new. With that being said, travel somewhere new, learn a new language, try out for a new sports team, or join a new club! The possibilities are endless. Plus, these resolutions are much more enjoyable, realistic, and productive than eating healthy for a week just to throw the towel in. So, as we enter 2019 with high hopes make sure your resolutions are not only ambitious but self-improving too.

By Hanna Scott’21, Staff Writer


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