Carlo’s Bakery Closes in Ridgewood After 5 Year

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, you may have to look somewhere other than Carlo’s Bakery in Ridgewood, NJ. After nearly five sweet years, the shop has closed their doors. This news came after Carlo’s Bakery closed in Westfield in April and then, Red Bank in August. There are now just three locations in New Jersey, but others across the country.

This heartbreaking news for those with a sweet tooth happened because the bakery decided not to renew its lease, “The lease had come to an end, and Carlo’s Bakery chose not to renew,” said Nicole Valdes, a company spokeswoman.

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Carlo’s Bake Shop closes its doors in Ridgewood after about five years of business. Photo Courtesy of bakeshop.carlosbakery.com.

Caroline Kane, a sophomore, stated that she was not surprised the bakery decided to close its doors because “they were expanding so fast,” and even though the bakery was  in her hometown she, “never went there anyway.” When the chain’s Ridgewood location opened in 2013, the show was top-rated, and there was coverage of the opening. This opening attracted a large crowd of people willing to wait in cold temperatures for a taste. Its popularity continued throughout the first few years of business but has slowed down since.

Ultimately, other cafes and bakeries have opened locations in Ridgewood and other parts of Bergen County. These trending bakeries have recently been more successful than Carlo’s. Not only this, but many critics on social media have gone on to say the bakery was overpriced and overrated. However, if you still have a sweet spot for Carlo’s Bakery, locations are still open in Wayne, Hoboken, and Marlton, New Jersey. If you don’t want to try these locations, there’s no need to worry!

There are other splendid bakeries in the area. If you’re craving something sweet, try these other spots instead: Sook Pastry (Ridgewood, NJ), Kara Kakes (Franklin Lakes, NJ), and Baking Grace (Hawthorne, NJ).


By: Katherine Cottrell ‘21, Staff Writer

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