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IHA Turkeys Continue to Terrorize Cars

If you go to IHA, then you have most likely experienced the turkeys that roam Van Emburgh Avenue at some point in your high school career. It could be when you wait in the seemingly miles-deep line of cars, held up in the distance by three turkeys pecking away at a vehicle. Or it could be you, that unfortunate soul who almost hit the mischievous turkeys that appear to stroll in front of your car (and stay there!), coming out of thin air. Either way, you have seen or heard of the infamous turkeys that cause traffic jams each and every morning, Monday through Friday, rain or shine. Although the turkeys are somewhat bothersome in the morning, people still take care not to hit them, and no one truly wants them to leave.

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The turkeys run towards a car on its way to IHA in the morning. Photo courtesy of Katherine Conway.

These turkeys are getting the attention they strive for as seen in teachers’ Halloween Costumes this year when they dressed up as the turkeys. The teachers bumped into students in the hallways and during the annual Halloween pep rally, encapsulating the true character of the IHA turkeys. Even more exciting, the three meddlesome turkeys actually made it on T.V.! This summer, CBS New York did a piece: “Wild Turkeys Show No Fear In N.J. Town.”

Sherry McCarthy, a student at IHA, faces the turkeys every morning and has even named them after the evangelists we study in religion. Sherry explains, “One day on the way to school the turkeys were in our way and I blurted out, ‘Hey, it’s Luke, Matthew, and Mark!’ and ever since that day, my dad and I have been calling the Van Emburgh turkeys that.”

Thanksgiving is a dangerous time for turkeys, considering they are the main dish at most Thanksgiving dinners, but our IHA turkeys have made it through yet another one!

By: Katherine Conway’21, Social Media Chair 

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