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IHA Sisters Bond on Big Sister Little Sister Day

On Friday, October 12th, students across grade levels came together to celebrate IHA’s annual Big Sister Little Sister Day. Big and little sisters are able to enjoy treats, chat, and simply spend time with each other.

This is such a pivotal event for juniors because they finally take on the responsibility of having a little sister. After school the day before, the IHA halls are covered in wrapping paper, candy, streamers, and other fun decorations. Each year, juniors decorate the freshmen lockers, and sophomores decorate the senior lockers. Decorated lockers are truly an enjoyable tradition for both parties; it is always extremely fun and special to both decorate the lockers and to be surprised with a locker full of candy and kind words.


Senior big sisters exchange gifts and talk with their sophomore little sisters. Photo courtesy of @ImmaculateHeartAcademy on Facebook. 

Freshmen and juniors spend their afternoon in the gym with baked goods and board games. It is a fun and casual way for the girls to interact and get to know their new big/little sister. Sophomores and seniors make ice cream sundaes in the cafeteria as they catch up with their big/little sister. Every student loves having the opportunity to bond with their sister and savor the treats that are offered. This year, the freshmen and juniors played a large game of IHA trivia, which was well-received and brought many laughs. Grace Whittam’20 absolutely loved the activities, saying, “It was really exciting to finally be a big sister. I was really excited to meet my little sister and help her and tell her things I wish I had been told as a freshman. It’s just a really fun thing that I was looking forward to for this year. I can’t wait for next year when my little sister is a sophomore and to see how things have changed.”


A freshman’s locker decorated by her big sister. Photo courtesy of @ImmaculateHeartAcademy on Facebook. 

Big Sister Little Sister Day 2018 was, as per usual, a great success. It is an important event that not only helps girls from different grades mix with each other, but it also provides much-needed guidance and reassurance given by the upperclassmen to the underclassmen. Especially important for freshmen, it is a welcoming event that affirms the value of sisterhood they have ingrained in their high school experience as they assimilate to the IHA culture. It is always a fantastic way to begin a new school year and a very favorable activity; one of the many highlights of IHA life.

By: Arden Grossman’20, Staff Writer

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