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Halloween@ theheart 2018

Halloween at IHA is one of the best days of the year. All of the students dress up inHalloween costumes, excited for all of the events of the day. The activity that everyone looks forward to the most is the Halloween Pep Rally. Hanna Scott ’21 exclaimed, “It’s fun because it’s a friendly competition between all the grades and everyone into the activities!” She can attest that other students feel the same way.

Students were seated by grade on the bleachers and eagerly awaited for the seniors to make their entrance. This year’s theme, animals, did not disappoint. Some of the most memorable costumes from the Class of 2019 included giant inflatable hippos and blow up sharks.  After the seniors made ran out to the song “I Like to Move It” from the movie Madagascar, the pep rally began.

The first activity, and the most anticipated one, was the dance off between each class, where two students from each grade were selected to participate. Taylor Dilisi ’21 and Maddie Novelli ’21 volunteered to participate. Maddie says, “I was really nervous, but it was nice how everyone was hyping us up!” Each grade got a chance to show off their dancing skills and each performance was a hit. The dance off is a great way for students in each grade to learn how to support each other and have fun as a class.” Some other activities featured in the pep rally were musical chairs and a hula hoop race. Each grade cheered on the representatives from their class during each game and by looking around at all the students’ faces it was clear that everyone was having a fun time.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 9.27.36 PM

Some seniors showing off their costumes before the Pep Rally! 

Another popular activity that students enjoy year-to-year is teacher trivia. The entire school has the rare opportunity to learn fun facts about the faculty, like how Dr. Brennan sang at Carnegie Hall and how Ms. Oblen is related to a canonized saint!

Finally, the much anticipated costume contest. Caroline Dyson ’21 stated, “It’s really amusing seeing all of the unique costumes everyone has dressed up as! ” Parent volunteers pick favorite costumes from each homeroom to participate in the school wide contest. Each grade get’s a single winner and a group winner. Some of this year’s winning costumes include an ice cream cone, characters from Alice in Wonderland, fruits, and Bob Ross! Nevertheless, all of the students that participated had innovative and entertaining costumes.

Overall, this Halloween at IHA was an amazing day and all the students had a great time. The underclassmen excitedly anticipate what is to come for next year’s Halloween. Whatever it may be, it is always fun!

Written By; Olivia Landolfi ’21, Staff Writer

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