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Freshmen Day of Sisterhood

On October 10th, while Sophomores and Juniors were taking their PSAT’s and Seniors had the day off, the Class of 2022 experienced their own special day of bonding. As a Freshman, I was extremely excited about this day of activities with my fellow classmates.  I was the only girl from my town to be entering the Class of 2022, and I was incredibly nervous. After a month, I was growing close with girls that I had just met, many of which I consider to be best friends. I did not think there would be a way to further strengthen those friendships, but the Freshman Day of Sisterhood proved me wrong.

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These gift bags we were given to each member of the Class of 2022. Photo from

The day began with a school-sponsored breakfast where we chomped on bagels and discussed the itinerary. Mrs. Shutrop talked about the term “Eshet Chayil,” Hebrew for “women of valor.” I was inspired by her words to be courageous, hardworking, and especially kind to my fellow classmates. Afterwards, we split up in groups and filtered through different stations. We made posters listing our goals along our journeys to become women of valor, wrote letters to ourselves to be opened Senior year, conversed with Principal Schlereth, received advice from a panel of teachers, and were offered kind words of wisdom in a video from current Seniors. As the school day drew to an end, we met back in the cafeteria for Student Council elections and a edible cookie dough party.

Personally, I enjoyed this day because I could speak to more of the girls in my class, progress my relationship with the current friends I met at the beginning of the year, learn more about my teachers, and, of course, enjoy the free candy we were given! I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the event, especially Mrs. Shutrop. I promise to put your good advice to good use in my next few years at IHA and beyond.

By Emma Hawryluk ‘22; Staff Writer

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