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The IHA Activity Fair: Clubs and Free Candy

On Monday, September 24th, IHA students participated in the annual Activity Fair. Representatives for clubs set up tables with decorations, and of course, candy, with the hope of enticing new members.

It would be impossible to explore all 66 clubs at IHA at once if it weren’t for the Activity Fair. The Activity Fair is the perfect opportunity for students in all grade levels to embrace their diverse interests and take advantage of the exceptional clubs that IHA has to offer. From HeartTV to Knitting Club to Kindness Above Malice (KAM), there truly is something for everyone.

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Isabella Sabino’ 20 and Allison Sandt’ 20 at the Activity Fair representing the Music Program.

        Upon entering the gym, students were greeted with posters and stacks of flyers advertising each club. Club representatives were welcoming and willing to answer questions at each table, especially for the freshmen. “There’s a lot of preparation that goes into the club fair,” stated co-president of both the Knitting Club and Computer Science Club, Julia Whitney ‘21. “In the end though, it was a lot of fun sharing what I enjoy so much.” The representatives of each club were eager to share their passions. Their enthusiasm was obvious as they stepped into the crowds to recruit new and interested members.

        Numerous clubs also created commercials for the morning news show, HeartTV. Videos promoting each club gave a glimpse into what meetings would be like and various activities sponsored by the club throughout the year. These advertisements were helpful for students to gain a better understanding of potential membership and foster curiosity for the activity fair.

Whether a student is interested in science, theater, television, writing, politics, or any other subject area, they are sure to find a club that will accept them and listen to their ideas!

Although there is limited time for visiting all of the stations during the activity fair, students are welcome to sign up for as many activities as they see fit. As the year continues, students have the opportunity to delve into their personal interests. Ultimately, the Activity Fair is an opportunity for students to evaluate their interests and, more importantly, pursue them. Students across all grade levels appreciate this event because it not only exposes girls to opportunities within the school, but it also provides girls with time to socialize, take a break from classes, and, a personal favorite, pick up some free candy from the tables.


By: Katherine Cottrell ‘21; Staff Writer

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