Senior Spotlights!!

Mary Moskowitz

     Mary Moskowitz brings her remarkable enthusiasm to every activity in which she engages. Not only has she been a member of the IHA Swim Team for all four years of high school, but she has also been involved in a plethora of clubs with leadership positions.  She is the IHA News Editor for Accents, Drive Coordinator for the Christian Service Board, leading member of the Campus Ministry Core Team, contributor to STUCO, Peer Mentor, Eagle Ambassador, and Eucharistic Minister. Outside of school, Mary has participated in a club swim team since fourth grade. She also serves on an executive board for a local teen service organization called HP Teens for Tomorrow. Her service in and out of school has awarded her the Presidential Service Award on two separate occasions

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    In addition to her incredible involvement in her community, Mary has excelled academically in her time at IHA. She has made either the honor roll or distinguished honor roll every quarter during her high school career, and she is a member of quite a few honor societies, including St. Brigid’s Honor Society, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.

    Mary’s favorite class at IHA has been AP Comparative Government and Politics, taught by Ms. Chelotti. She finds the class to be truly interesting and remarked that she feels well educated on political happenings around the world, gaining a clearer understanding of world relations. Ms. Chelotti was impressed by her openness to learning new points of view about the world and realizing that differences among peoples and nations need not divide us. She exclaimed, “Mary was a total joy to have in class. Her academic excellence was the model for the class and her insights and critical thinking contributed not only to her own learning but helped to increase the learning of all those who shared the class with her, including myself.”

    Her experience at IHA was truly shaped by her participation on the Swim Team. This past season was most memorable for her because she loved being able to talk to so many underclassmen and form friendships with people who she otherwise would not have interacted. Mary looks back at her fours years at IHA fondly, stating that “IHA has really helped me grow as a person and has taught me many valuable lessons that I will use in college and beyond, especially how to be a strong and powerful woman in today’s society.”

    Next year, Mary will be attending Northeastern University to study English and political science. She plans on working in publishing or attending law school after completing her bachelor’s degree.

    Mary will be missed by all of the students, teachers, and faculty at IHA as she goes off to college, and we cannot wait to see what her future entails. We look forward to what you will accomplish and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

By Rebecca Nadler ’19, Staff Writer

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