Senior Spotlights!!

Kaitlyn Bertolino

    When one thinks of the characteristics associated with Blue Eagles, traits such as leadership, compassion, and merit come to mind. Kaitlyn Bertolino happens to possess all of these attributes, and is truly a valued member of the IHA community.

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    During her four years at Immaculate Heart, Kaitlyn has developed a love for service. Since coming here, she has completed more than 300 service hours. Twice a week, she volunteers at Helen Hayes Hospital in the Recreational Therapy Department. She loves that there are new patients every week with whom she can connect, and her work there has taught her about all different walks of life.

    Kaitlyn has been an active member of WIHA and Tech Corps since her freshman year, and has been on the executive board of both since she was a sophomore. She is now the president of both. As a result of being in the WHIA studio every day for the last four years, she has managed to form a strong connection with the moderators, Ms. Shaheen and Mrs. Mongelli. She says they have both shaped her into the person that she is today. Ms. Shaheen expressed, “Kaitlyn has been a rock in the Television Studio since her freshman year.  She has been reliable, professional, and responsible all four years. She has been a perfect mentor to the underclassmen, and I know the studio will be left in good hands next year thanks to Kaitlyn’s training.” Kaitlyn has truly done a lot for WIHA, and her dedication to the club is remarkable. The atmosphere of the studio in the mornings will not be the same without her and she will be greatly missed.

    Additionally, Kaitlyn has taken a wide variety of courses, including science, art, and technology. Kaitlyn is not only the president of the Applied Engineering Club, but she founded the club! When asked about the impact the teachers here at IHA have had on her, she responded by saying that they did not only teach her school-related topics, but also life lessons. Kaitlyn also enjoys the community, and appreciates the feeling of sisterhood. She is truly grateful to have met her best friend, Dani, at IHA and appreciates the love and support she’s shown her throughout their high school experience.

    After graduation, Kaitlyn will be attending University at Albany, as a member of the honors program. There, her major will be chemistry, with a pre-medical advisement. After graduation, she hopes to go to medical school and possibly become a dermatologist. Kaitlyn, you have not only been an integral part of WIHA for four years, but you have been an integral part of the broader IHA community. We are incredibly proud of you and you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

By Anna Mullens ’20, Social Media Chair

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