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Julia Bertussi

    Julia Bertussi is truly leaving a legacy behind her as she graduates from IHA. Julia has proven to be a diligent, caring, and compassionate person who constantly works for the betterment of others. She has challenged herself in her classes as well as through her artistic ability and service.

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    Julia has not only dedicated much of her time to her academic studies, but also to her artistic studies. Julia found her passion through art classes here at Immaculate Heart. She spent countless hours in the art room improving her skills and having fun. She also works as an assistant art teacher at Art and Design Studios in Nanuet, New York. Julia says growing as an artist is one of the most important things to her and she thanks her art teachers, especially Mrs. Encke and Mrs. Proscia, for empowering her and teaching her how to grow in her craft. Julia’s determination does not end there; it continues into her academics as well. Mrs. Pecora, Julia’s English teacher said, “Julia is an insightful student who thinks outside the box and often offers a unique perspective to our class discussions. She is conscientious, respectful, and compassionate, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to teach her this year.” Julia’s talent and willingness to share her gift will certainly be missed among everyone at IHA!

    Julia has been part of many clubs during her time in high school. She has been a member of Eagle Ambassadors, National Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society, and has dedicated much of her time to service. She has worked her way up to receiving the Presidential Award her junior and senior years, and has been a member of Christian Service Board, Campus Ministry Core Team, and has attended on the Mission Trip as a Senior Coordinator. During her time at IHA, she realized how much service meant to her and began to dedicate much of her time to helping those around her. She uses her qualities of compassion and understanding to work with the less fortunate. Along with this, Julia also created the club Made With Love alongside Ms. Donoghue. She used her passions of service and art to create a club that makes cards for people going through a tough time in life, with the hope to spread joy to them and their families.

    Julia will be attending Ithaca College in the fall, majoring in art education. She says she will miss the people at IHA the most. She says she will miss seeing all the friendly faces in the hallway. Believe us Julia, it will be just as difficult to not see you in the hallway anymore! We are so proud of you and your aspirations to be an art teacher. Never stop reaching for your dreams and sharing your passion. Always know you have a home @theheart!

By Emily Ash ’19, Co-Junior Editor-in-Chief

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