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Fiona Ralph

    Over the course of her IHA career, Fiona Ralph has thrived both in and outside of the classroom. She was a member of the STEM program and played on the soccer team all four years. She was also a member of the varsity track team her sophomore, junior, and senior years. In addition, she has been part of several clubs, such as the Campus Ministry Core Team, Christian Service Board, and National Honor Society. Although juggling rigorous courses and athletics throughout high school may seem very difficult to manage, Fiona has found partaking in both aspects of IHA made her a more focused and determined individual, whether that is in the classroom or the soccer or track field.

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    In the classroom, Fiona could be found challenging herself in Honors, AP, and even STEM-based courses. The STEM program has encouraged Fiona to take challenging classes that she feels she would not have taken on her own like computer programming, engineering, and advanced math courses. Although they were very challenging, she is so grateful that she was given the opportunity to push herself academically. This year, she particularly found joy in taking Anatomy Honors, taught by Dr. Erika Brennan. As a student, Fiona is very engaged, especially in topics she enjoys like science and mathematics. “She is a curious person and she asks great questions about our different topics. I think she has a love of learning, of science, and of life,” remarked Dr. Brennan. In addition, Fiona’s strong work ethic and optimism shine throughout her classes.“She is upbeat when she enters and leaves my class,” Dr. Brennan added. “Even when she has three tests in one day, I don’t hear her complaining about being stressed out. She just tackles the work.”

    During her four years on IHA’s track team, she has set many goals and personal records in her events. “I’ll remember how far she came, from running her first 800 ever in 2:31 to being among the state’s best with a time of 2:14.86 in a one-year span,” recalled Coach Matthew Joyce. Besides being a phenomenal runner on the track team, Fiona exemplifies powerful leadership skills. She was both the Winter and Spring Track and Field captain this year. Coach Joyce stated, “She has also benefited the team by being a great captain and encouraging her teammates to always get better and never be satisfied. She is a phenomenal leader.”

    In the fall, Fiona will be attending Bowdoin College in Maine and will be studying biology and environmental science. After college, she hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a career related to field research and the conservation of marine animals. In addition, she will be running on Bowdoin’s track team!

    On behalf of the IHA community, we are confident that Fiona will achieve greatness outside of IHA. Her sense of determination, strong work ethic, and leadership skills will set her up for a very successful and exciting future. Fiona, we look forward to hearing where this new chapter in your life will take you and we wish you good luck at Bowdoin College in your academics and athletics!

    As Dr. Brennan so famously says, “Be healthy and happy!”

By Molly Gallagher ’19, Opinions Editor

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