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Adrianna Oliver

    Over the past four years, Adrianna Oliver has not only made IHA her home, but she has become the perfect example of a true IHA girl. She has become the epitome of who we all strive to be from that moment we walk through the halls the first day of freshman year.

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    Adrianna is a very smart and dedicated IHA girl. She constantly challenges herself in the classroom, always taking either honors or AP classes. In her time here, Adrianna has made a bond with many of her teachers, but one in particular is Ms. Oblen. Ms. Oblen said, “I can safely say that for the rest of my life, I will never look at Pepperidge Farm Goldfish without remembering Adrianna Oliver, as I think of her carrying her token bag around school all day … I think she single-handedly supports the Goldfish industry in the Northeast. Adrianna is a fun, entertaining, thoughtful and super bright young lady that I loved having in my class! She’s a leader in the most natural of ways, and IHA is a better place for having had her be a part of it.”

    Not only is Adrianna an upstanding student, but she is also a leader. She holds various titles, including the honor of being senior class president and a Peer Mentor. Adrianna is also an athlete. She plays volleyball, which is an important part of her life. In her junior year, Adrianna and the IHA volleyball team won the state championship. She is also a volleyball coach for a youth education program for children 10-13 years old.

    One of Adrianna’s most memorable moments at IHA (other than winning English Kahoot junior year) was the Senior Talent Show. It is a great night to just watch talented performers and laugh the night away with your friends. There is something special sitting with your grade, especially as a senior, reflecting on the amazing bond that was created over the years.

    Adrianna will be attending Villanova University School of Business this fall, majoring in management information systems and business analytics.

    Ms. Oblen said, “She will be sorely missed here, but I know she will make a big splash in the world! Good luck Adrianna and God bless you in all you do!” We all wish you the best of luck Adrianna and we miss you already!

By Kataline deLeon ’19, Features Editor 

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