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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

A new app is coming out for Harry Potter fanatics with both iOS and Android
devices. This app allows the player to create and customize his or her own Hogwarts
student and takes place before Harry Potter is born.

The game was announced on January 1a and will be released on April 25. It was produced by mobile-video game developer Jam City and will be published by
Portkey Games, a Warner Bros company. Many film actors voice their characters in
the game, such as Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall), Michael Gambon (Professor
Dumbledore), and Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick). In addition, the game
features adults in the series as students at Hogwarts. Bill and Charlie Weasley and
Nymphadora Tonks are all confirmed to make appearances.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.45.08 PM

The Harry Potter world has been transformed into an app. Photo courtesy of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery website.

The game starts with the player creating and customizing a witch or wizard
to play the game. Once created, the character visits Diagon Alley to go shopping for
school supplies. The player personally visits the shops to buy all the necessary
materials. Next, the game character goes to Hogwarts. The players get to pick their
characters’ Houses themselves.

From then on, the character visits his common room, goes to classes,
interacts with famous characters, makes new friends (or enemies), buys new outfits,
explores the large castle, and even duels. Every decision the player makes will
impact their unique storyline. In addition, each chapter of the game is a new school
year, and at the end of each school year is, of course, the House Cup!

The game was released early in New Zealand. Fortunately, there are not
many glitches and errors, and it works on most devices.

“I’ve been waiting for a Hogwarts role-playing game ever since I finished the
book series. I’m overall just super excited that we get to play as a random student,
and not as Harry himself,” concludes Marisa Billings’21.

By: Madelyn Novelli’21, Staff Writer