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“Rise” Television Show is a Hit!

Almost everyone remembers the show “Glee” about a high school teacher
bringing back the glee club and bonding with his students through song. Now there is a
new craze, NBC’s “Rise”.

The new show is very similar to Glee on many ways but instead of the glee club, a
high school’s theater program is renovated. Mr. Lou Mazzucheli begins to run the
school’s theater program with no prior experience or credits. He settles on a risky and out there choice for the musical Spring Awakening. Instead of casting the same girl and guy as the leads just like every year before, he decides to cast a shy nobody Lilette and star football player Robbie as the central lead roles. Both Lilette and Robbie like each other and they scenes and interaction on stage begins to help their budding romance blossom. While some are unhappy with Lou’s musical option, some are excited for the changes it will bring for the Stanton High theater program.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.48.14 AM

Rise is a new musically-inspired show on NBC. Photo courtesy of NBC.

There are other conflicts as well such as, Lou’s son’s drinking problem, a divorce
on the horizon, a job lost and the star football player being in the school musical at the
same time as game season. Robbie begins to be torn between his two worlds and faces
Lou to help him with the decision.

The show is full of tension, romance, laughs and great music with some even
better voices. The show is aired every Tuesday at 9/8 Central on NBC with the Stanton
High theater kids ready to get to work!

By; Emily Ash, Junior Co Editor-in -Chief